lundi 23 avril 2012

We are all big children

Last weekend we have celebrated the birthday of my oldest son. We have chosen for him and his friends the birthday party with workshop in the museum for children  Villa zebra in Rotterdam.
Every kid have made the birthday cake from scratches of fabric, polyester blocks, papers.
It was funny to see them ''baking'' own strawberry, chocolate or cheesecakes.
They were very happy to leave a party with their crafty piece of cake.

Today I came through the site of Jennifer Collier who makes amazing goodies from paper and other unnecessary materials.
''We are all big children'': I thought about our adults hobbies reminding us our childhood.

Few art works of Jennifer Collier

And the amazing Paper cuts creation of Etsy crafters:

Cardboard sheriff hat and 6 shooter by Mark O'Brien

Cardboard hanging lamp by Uquworkshop

Cardboard wall clock by Oupas Design

Vintage caravan paper broach by London Handmade

Cardboard swiss pastry by Art on the menu

Enjoy your hobby and upcycle too!

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