mardi 5 juillet 2011

Bath-train or Lazy Sunday in Rotterdam

Long long time absent in my blog and I missed it so much!
This summer we spend our holidays in the city. So be it for one reason...
Luckily the weather this year is pretty good, sun is shining and there are many festivals organized in Rotterdam.
''Summer sundays'' is the festival of the vacation in the city. In the park near Euromast people come with picnics, barbecues, bottles of vine or champaign to relax, listen to the music, play with children chat or simply laying on the grass and watching the sunny sky.
So did we last weekend. The funny activity for the children was a bath-train. The group of 3 creative persons Dan, Gasper en Milena made it possible for our kids with their Vespaqua trein. It is really funny - the vintage baths on the weals full with warm water and you can make your a sunny tour round a park. But as usual there is a story behind  (from summer sundays site:

''In bath while enjoying nature? Vespaqua, the world's first mobile Italian bath,opens its doors to anyone who wants Bellisimo bath. Vespa Ape 500 in 1966, thelocomotive, the cars are pretty elegant baths, a boiler house is the station, waiting for the next train ... along scenic routes through the park surrounded by green leaves andsunshine. Away from the crowds, with relaxing music and a good espresso. No swim suit with you? Not bad, Vespaqua provides everything: bathrobe, slippers, beachwear, towels. Change and can wait to the friendly station. Book for yourself orfor two and experience the feeling of Vespaqua, mobile Baderie''

Rotterdamers on the grass

Bath-train is going to leave

Vintage decoration by Vespaqua:

Boiler providing heat water and the vintage changing cabin:

Our beautiful Rotterdam

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