vendredi 21 janvier 2011

Textile museum Tilburg

We live almost 4 years in Holland and try to visit museums, national parks, different cities as much as possible.
Holland is usually associated with Amsterdam, tulips and cheese. It is worth to be visited and tested but there is much more.
One of the treasury which we have discovered recently is Textile museum in Tilburg.
One of the interesting facts that it is not only the museum, but running factory with the small production of wool blankets, weaved, knitted, embroidered, printed textiles. Here professionals and students can try new techniques and their own designs.
The building was perfectly restored from old neglected brick construction to the modern and stylish complex.
I love dutch architecture. They are so many buildings which received a new soul thanks to the contemporary dutch architects.
What impress us as well when we visit museums in Holland, that there is always something to do with kids. And not only list of questions provided to them. Usually it is allowed to touch, try, play with the exposed objects.
My older son was very happy to make about 2 cm of weaved textile with the bike-like device.
There is a working weave machine which  is driven by the movement of the pedals! Incredible! It was very funny to see him biking and saying: ''Mama look, I am working hard!"
My both sons made a piece of knitted textile together. In the textile lab hall there is another machine with a hand mechanism to show children how their socks are produced. They turned a handle for making 2-3 cm of knitted sock. Suddenly we heard explosion of laugh when museum employer put on the button and their sock became in two seconds much longer.
It was very nice visit.
When you will have a chance to come to Holland, put this address on your list.

Machine from Woolen Blanket Factory (everything is working)

Just piece of textile I like inside Woolen Blanket Factory

Modern weave machine

Damask Weaving Centre with huge wooden machines

Furnitures covered with Damask linen on the top level

Museum cafe

Building and summer terrace from outside

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