dimanche 9 janvier 2011

Rainbow bag - 1st upcycling idea of 2011

Hi everybody
Finally after big break of the Christmas and New Year holidays I can type the story of the brand-new upcycling idea - Rainbow bag.
I feel that denim becomes my favorite material for the reuse projects. Being busy for 4 months with the collection, cut and reuse of it I cumulated a small bag of the jeans cuts.
It looked like this

Initially I had the idea of the christmas decoration. But I was so buy before Christmas that finally I have abandoned this idea.
In this beginning of the year I wanted to create something bright, collage of colors in combination with the dark but fashionable denim pieces. Another small bag of silk cuts waited his turn as well. I am shamed to show the photo of my studio. It represents a big big mess! I wish I can organize it the near future. But it is another story, the story of my new studio....shhh... it is only a project yet
Ok, in my small atelier 2 bags decided to place themselves nearby and highlight me a new bright idea.
I do not have a photo of the second bag content. There are a cuts of the silk fabric. I bought it in the month of december a long narrow piece of silk on the handwork fair in Rotterdam. The colors are my passion! I came across a belgian store. They sold beautifull threads for knitting. In their factory they produce luxury silk fabrics as well. When they start a new pattern the colors have to be tested. Thus come out long pieces containing the stripes of every color used for particular pattern. It is really beautiful! I could not leave this shop with empty hands. On the top part of every stripe there is a hand writing which delimite a narrow piece. It could not be used in any big project. But being a collector of amazing useless pieces I have left them for the ''better days''.
This is my new delightful creation - Rainbow bag.
Inside I have used a pocket from one of my jeans.
Now available in my Etsy shop

Today morning we were doing photos of my products with Damien. We were trying different position for this bag and children were observing us. Suddenly Gabriel came with his favorite bag and asked to make a photo of his bag. If mama shows her bag, I would like to show mine. The photo is so funny and connected with the upcycling story, that I have decided to show it. If you prefer the bag with Thomas train I will send you the address of the shop

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  1. Hi Svetlana,

    After photographing your beautiful dress last Saturday (you can see two pictures on my Flickr, www.flickr.com/photos/rivkadejonge) I checked out your site and your etsy shop. I'm a fan, I really love your stuff!! I hope you make lots more beautiful things in the future, and maybe sometime I can help you to take more pictures of your designs!

    It has been a pleasure and inspiration to meet you!

    Rivka de Jonge