mardi 21 décembre 2010

Happy holiday time

I am very happy today because of one good news : I was invited to participate in exposition ''Rotterdam Review'' in Studio Hergebruik! If I will be lucky one of my creations will see the ''real world'' and will be shown during month of January in the center of Rotterdam! The most interesting for me is to meet another experienced and young upcyclers and exchange the experience.
Voila, December was very busy with the preparations for the holidays.
And I would like to thank all my faithful and occasional blog readers.
Your support and comments are very important for me, give extra force and wish to go further with new upcycling ideas and constant search in this matter.
I have many resolutions for next year (hope you too) and few fresh upcycling ideas

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and
many many many thanks

As last the upcycling ideas for new year tree:
Christmas tree by Design Pack gallery posted by Recycart

Book new year tree by Gleeson Library in San Francisco posted by Recyclart

Shopping cart Christmas tree by Anthony Schmitt posted by Recyclart

Have you bought already your Christmas Tree?
If not check the site of Dutchhandmade team (I am the member also) for great ideas and upcycle2

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