vendredi 3 décembre 2010

Pop Top - Upcycle2

Pop Top. What is it? Do you know?
I will make the presentation of this small and very useful thing.
I think everybody drinks time to time beverages from drinking cans.
The stay-tab opening mechanism calls Pop Top.

I did not know before that somebody collects this tabs and makes beautifull thing.
The initiative groupe of Escama Studio from Brazil assembled the hand crafters and local designers to make the recycled fashion accessories using traditional crochet techniques. 

Behind this beautiful products are people with their stories, hard work and the intention to make this world cleaner. Watch the video showing how the pull tabs bags are made.

And the few words about Ermal Fraze who in 1959 decided to invent an improved beverage can.
First can did not have any openings and people had to purchase a separate opener.
After few adaptations of his initial design Fraze developed a can, known as a pull-top can.
Unfortunately pull-tops cans caused several injuries and drinkers even swallowed it.
Issue was solved in 1977 by the design of push-in and fold-back tab. 
The tab remains attached to the can and the principle is still used for the mass production of beverages today.

As last I would like to refer to the showcased on Brasilia Fashion week in 2006 the work of Ronaldo Fraga.

If you still have in your garage cans from the last summer party and you do not know what to do with them look at the tutorial given by Escama Studio and a treasury collection of designers from Etsy.

 try to upcycle too

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