jeudi 25 novembre 2010

Winter market in Poortugaal with Kwast & Lijm

Today I would like to make a presentation of the village where my boys go to school Poortugaal.
I do not speak yet good enough Netherlands. When I pronounce Poortugaal it sounds as Portugal.
There is a very big difference! We live in Holland.
But the country Portugal is on my list of places which I would like to visit.
Long description for short story - Winter market
I will make a publicity:

Huge choice of unique items 
for your Christmas and St Klaas presents
when and where
1 December from 14-00 till 21-00

I will be there together with my friends Jessica, Saskia and Angelique from Kwast & Lijm
We have a stand. Come to meet us and discover our products
These 3 nice ladies have a workshop atelier in the center of Rhoon.
If you would like to organize creative kids party it is the best address!
Here we are in the Atelier Kwast & Lijm

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