mercredi 17 novembre 2010

Packaging - Upcycle2

Today I would like to make a presentation of the packaging upcycling.
The idea came from an article in a dutch magazine Textile plus.
I have asked authorization to use partly a content of this magazine for the presentation of upcycling ideas on my blog. If you do not read in netherlands, it is a nice opportunity to learn something new about a designers from the country where I leave - Netherlands.
The initial text was published in Textiel plus magazine number 211 in an article ''Van niets tot iets'' by Yvanka Linders. I do not pretend to be a professional translator.
My main purpose is to give you a new source of inspiration.

From nothing to something
Some designers start from an idea and work out it till the concept.
Others start from one material and then look for an idea and a final product.
How can you make something from nothing?
Let's take as example a packaging. We will see, that it can take totally different function then initial one. Why not to blow a new life in it?
Take one material and try to look at it differently.
Remove it from its usual context, give it a different form,  turn it in your hands, cut it.
The result is above your expectations!
If you have a limited choice of the materials, you have more chances to explore multiple possibilities. Limitation stimulates your fantasy and creativity.
Moreover you can practice with simple and low cost things.
In the beginning the expensive materials can block your experiments.
The packaging materials are our everyday basic things which we open and through away normally. Look, play, search and discover one-of-a-kind new form and idea.
Maybe you will see what nobody else have seen yet.
Nice and funny examples

 Chequita chandelier of Anneke Jakobs.

Upcycling designer Niels Craens made his famous lamp Enjoy Twice using cardboard drinking packages.

Dutch designer Wolfram Behrend made a table from typical paperbox from the supermarket

Laptop bag from Portland cement paper bag

Realistic sculptures made from cardboard by Chris Gilmour

A Pavilion of Pallets made by students of Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark
Watch the fun video how it was built

Pallet office by Most Architecture published by Recyclart

Chips umbrella posted by Sunrise Packaging

Chandelier from milk crates posted by Curbly

Mini drum kit posted by Recyclart

And as usual cheer up and try to Upcycle2

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