mardi 2 novembre 2010

Upcycling idea - kitesurf bag

Last week I have received the kite surf from one of Damdam's friend.
Kite was laying for one week as a big mass in our entry waiting his turn to be upcycled.
I speed up to open it and cut.
It is nice material to work with. Light and at the same time solid, the fabric has a thin grid to strengthen it.
It should resist against the wind pressure and a fall on the water. I do not know much about kitesurfing.
Even if my husband is fun of the water sports and of kitesurfing particularly, I can not talk hours about it. He can!
And as usual there is a story behind upcycling idea.

It was about 7 years ago. I did the kitesurf training. Surprising!
For summer vacation Damdam organized the training in french sport center UCPA.
If you take time and open website of this organization, you can notice that there are so many activities which you can choose.
I was young, naif and in love with my crazy husband. He did not even asked me which sport I would prefer to practice! He new that when you are beginner you need somebody to help you to operate the kite. As a happy young wife and also happy victim of my Damdam's hobby I learned few things about kitesurfing, wind direction etc, etc.
We were 10 in our group, only one lady. Guess who was it?
After 4 days everybody could swim with the kite in his hands, few man even took the board and could make 4-5 meter before falling into the water. Our trainer worried to leave me along with my kite, I was too much dangerous.
At the end I new that it would never become my sport.
I like to observe kitesurfers far from the beach. We are lucky to leave in Holland where the sandy beaches are huge and I can play with my boys safely while our Damdam amusing with the waves.
But his passion becomes also mine. I can do so much with the broken kites! It is 5-7 m2 of fabric!
First test is a simple bag. The colors of kites are usually bright with interesting picture.
Here it is, my kitesurf bag:

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