samedi 30 octobre 2010

Fasten seatbelt & Upcycle2

Today story is about car seat belts upcycling.
The cars become old, the seat belts are dirty after multiple usage.
But somebody has always genius idea to reuse it.
I think about my car when my boys are eating cookies and touch everything after with their small hands full of cream or jam.
Oh! It is not easy work, the belts are supposed to be washed first!
But the result is impressive.
If you would like to change your car for new eco-model or for electrical car do not forget to cut the seat belts before you leave it at scrapyard and Upcycle2

Variation of bags:

By Interrobang

By Bagnole

Home decoration by Ting

Repose Lounge by Chris Burton

Chaise long Roger

Funny renovation of old car by two artists Ann Conte and Jeanne Wiley

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