samedi 2 octobre 2010

Great finding of today - Tweedekans Winkel (second chance shop)

Great finding of today  - Tweedekanswinkel in Rhoon (Dorpsdijk 149)
En English means Second chance shop

I new about the shop from local newspapers
Today we were walking with my son Gaby in the center of our city Rhoon and came in
Small shop where you can buy second-hand things
Sort of jumble sale which I like very much
You come in, you do not have any idea about what you need and then suddenly you see the object which attracts your attention and you can not leave without
The prices are mote than reasonable  - 50 cent, 1 or 2, 5 euro
I like the name very much  - second chance shop
The idea to give the second chance to the old things seemed similar to mine (up cycle clothes)

For sure I did not missed the chance to have a talk with the leader of the association Marian Heijboer
Next to the idea to give second chance to the old things there is a big project to finance the construction of a new school in Sri Lanka, sponsoring of Romanian children schooling and donation to the hospital in Ukraine
I was very happy to know that the help is personal and there is a serious control of spends in the concerned countries
These are 2 things which will find their second life at my home:
Funny box with knitting needled with ''babyshaka''-picture
and tiny manual press
The needles are not straight and ends are damaged
I love it

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