dimanche 10 octobre 2010

Mode Marché Rotterdam

Yesterday we went to the Maritime Museum to see Mode Marché.

The presentation of the young Dutch fashion designers.
Another purpose - SHOPPING! as we (girls) like it

I was curious to now what kind of designers will be there.
Being prepared to the jet-set ambiance I found the atmosphere surprisingly relaxed.
For sure with the fashion-style in the air
Even the changing room was open for everybody and it reminded me the spectacles in our student theater when everybody changed his costumes together just behind the stage
It was funny. I heard: 'Oh! I liked this dress also...'' here and there
Ambiance between girlfriends when we go together for sales
My husband DamDam was courageous to accompany me together with our boys to such women-event
The most useful for him was possibility to visit the exhibition

Fashion, Ahoy! The nautical look in the world of fashion

It is worth to be seen. Till March 2011. 
If you do not have opportunity to visit Rotterdam we have made few photos 
Special worlds to my personal findings
Thanks for the beautiful tunic to Iefke de Roos.
Her collection is feminine and delicate. 
This is my new tunic

I liked also the bracelets, design and illustrations of Maartje Dijkstra.

At the end we drunk coffee with chocolate from Marco Harreman who has presented his nearly opened chocolate shop CHOCOHOLIC. Mmmm... 
Nice evening! 

Works from famous couturiers

Our Rotterdam much-much aimé

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  1. Thank you, our fashion ambassodor)) I am jealous to your interesting new life, sitting in the boring office) My favourite from photos - this gorgeous striped dress. I am looking forward to see your eco-fashion collection!