vendredi 8 octobre 2010

Up-cycling idea - Old blue jeans

The story which is behind this up-cycling idea is quite interesting

I had blue jeans Levi’s as many of us have
But… This jean was special, for sure because it was mine:)
No, this jeans I bought when we were leaving in India
Almost 5 years ago in very big city of textiles-Surat

I just had left Russia and went to work with my husband in an extraordinary country India. Probably my faithful friends remember that at this time I had written a lot about my  first impressions.  Unfortunately I did not keep any letter.  I still have the souvenirs, a few photos and old blue jeans
Surat  seemed a huge city for us. There were not so many tourists and not many shops with European women clothes. So while my garderob consisted of Traditional Indian clothing.
I did not wear a sari. For Indian women it is simply casual wear. For me it was embarrassing to go at work with part of body completely open.
So back to the jeans. We lived there for 2 years and of course we found  shops with European clothing and European-style restaurants in Bombay. All things we missed at that time in our home-city Surat
Now we are leaving in Holland.
Jeans became old, and did not want to throw it away. It's such a rarity ! So I decided to make an apron with it
The success of it is fabulous, all our friends like it 
Basically the story of Moi Aussi started with my jeans

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