mercredi 27 octobre 2010

Upcycling idea - Dress Natasha

I was absente for hole week for very good reason - vacation!
It was so nice to come down from Netherlands to the south of France
You automatically multiply the temperature from here by 2 and as a result a lot of pleasure to walk on the sunny streets and to seat in the cafe, always with the sun
But home missed me and my upcycling experiments also
Just next day after return I have finished the dress
I have called it Natasha
And as usual there is a story behind...
My sister Natasha asked me to saw the skirt similar to such which I have in my Etsy shop (Skirt Fleur)
That skirt is very small, for girls of 4 years old
I have started with the same idea, picked all my cut pieces of fabric from old jeans and pants
For first time I have made my own pattern of the skirt
immediately  it was obvious that it will never be possible to repeat the design
The pieces of fabric are too small for the women skirt
The advantage of upcycling and creative work in general is that you never know how the end product will look like
After few sessions the skirt became the dress
I had to use the new fabric as well, the top part is upcycled t-shirt
Here it is, my wonderful dress Natasha
It will be soon available in my Etsy shop

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