jeudi 4 novembre 2010

T-shirt avenue - Upcycle2

What you can do with your old T-shirt ? How to transform it ?
I will show you few examples today. 
But first I would like to write few worlds about serious subject - ecological impact of cotton industry. 
As the video from the article of Jeniffer Lance states, one t-shirt takes 2000 liters of water to produce, and that does not include the pesticides and herbicides used in production. Impressive in comparison with common t-shirt price!

Now you can open your warderode with the t-shirts which are laying few years, outdated. 
Get inspiration with the photos here, do your own search on internet for other ideas, explore your creativity and Upcycle 2.

Sachet pillows by zJayne

My boyfriend t-shirt by Chinese Arithmetic

Scarf by MTheoryClothing

Spagetti Scarf by Alterdelenda

Petal t-shirt by Ruffles and Stuff

Wedding Dress by Thread Banger

Project White t-shirt by Harald Lunde

Re(-)creation by Stacy J.Lee

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