mardi 23 novembre 2010

Not really nice skirt

There is a very interesting shop in the centre of Rotterdam which sells very unusual things Studio Hergebruik.
It's stands for ''Studio Reuse".
We always come in when we walk in Rotterdam. It looks like museum of recycling and upcycling.
After being started with my upcycling experiments and also with my work as an independent designer I was looking for a contact with this studio for further promotion of Moi Aussi products.
Last week I was invited to participate in the 3rd exposition of Studio hergebruik.
What a beautiful challenge! Every designer is supposed to send the photos of 3 items with a description for the selection of a jury.
I had already in my mind 2 things - kitesurfbag with Flower and apron Queen of cooking.
And here is a story of 3rd item - "Not really nice skirt"

I have received 2 bags fool of old clothes from one of my friends.
I like very much to work with jeans. When I was removing a stitches I have made a big hall.
It's a painstaking task - to undo all stitches! But I am not discouraged. 
After doing it many times I have worked out few tips and the preparation work seems to be easier now. 
So the initial idea was to make another apron, but with a big hole on the front side it was not possible any more. 
And the example of Formed fitting dress from Ecouterre denim recycling contest stayed in my mind. 
I have tried to go further with the look of a jeans put upside down.
The idea of the skirt was almost compeleted and the sketch as well.  
I have tried it on the dress form, made a selection of the textiles which are to be combined with a jeans.
I was excited to see how new model will look like. 
During a production process I have tried it on myself and when it was not ready yet thought: "oh, it is not really nice skirt; do you think it will be suitable for exposition''. With patience I have finished this garment and added last details - flower appliqué and small stripes. 
Finally very glad with the result I can say - ''It is really nice skirt!''
Hope my photos will attract the attention of the commission of ''Upcycling-recycling Nestors'' and my products will be exposed. Cross the fingers for me!

Front side:

Right side:


Left side

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