mardi 18 janvier 2011

Curtain descends, everything ends...

The title of this post have inspired the words from one of the song which I was listening somewhere in december on the radio. At this period I have completed the idea of my dress for the end of the fashion design course which I follow. When I have chosen the fabrics, brought them home and assembled it on the dress form, I have immediately understood that it is the theatrical costume. That's why the words of the song stayed in my mind. Tomorrow will be the last lesson and I can show you my creation.

Last friday we were invited to participate in the photo session with the students of the photography course in SKVR. The teacher of the photo class Carina Hesper has announced us that our creations were supposed to be photographed on the models! Later it will come in the booklet.

It was very exciting and inspiring day! When I came into the room where girls (our models) were preparing for the photo session, the memory of my student's theater came up. Clothing, shoes, make-up, stylist, professional photo studio equipment - everything were here giving the artistic atmosphere.
3 photographers made a photos of my dress! Such honor for me! We were working on the small space between 2 staircases with Rivka de Jonge, suddenly 2 other photographs came to participate.

I would like to say special words to Rivka de Jonge who shared with me here beautiful photos and left kind words on here blog about our cooperation during photo shoot session.

Here are photos of my dress
photography: Rivka de Jonge
model: Gwen

I would like to show you more photos of the young talented photographer Rivka de Jonge.

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