mardi 2 août 2011

Upcycling idea - Standing lamp of Ikea

We are very busy with our new house. After years of leaving in the rented apartments or houses, where you not always have a possibility to change the environment as per your personal taste,  we explore now all our creative ideas. Some old stuff still placed here and there and I was ready to continue my upcycling experiments. One of them is transformation of standing lamp of Ikea. Many of young couples (as we were 10 years ago) start to furnish their leaving space with Ikea - affordable, nice and easy. So did we. From one house to another we took our Ikea lamps and they came almost to the end of their life cycle.
Instead of throwing it away I have tried to re-look one.
This is the initial image:

The entire lamp made from numerous conical frustums. In the beginning I had the idea to prepare the drawings of each section using mathematic formulas:) What an interesting idea! Finally I have found it too much preparation and cut the paper for every section in order to have ready pattern. I had many peacies of the colorful silk which I have used for my rainbow bag
Here is a result:

Catch the idea and upcycle too!

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