dimanche 19 septembre 2010

Moi Aussi is born

Finally I have started. The idea to create my own label has started to run in my head few months ago.
The day I have discovered beautiful blogs Bloesem and also Etsy.
Sewing was my childhood hobby allowed to dress myself and also to earn a bit of money.
This summer I have had a plenty of time and was discovering all internet community of designers and crafters.

In difficult 90's in Russia sewing was not only a hobby for many young ladies but a possibility to be slightly different, to earn money and to be independent from your parents.
After coming to Europe I did not think to start again sewing. All kind of clothes are now available for any tastes. But... I need to create, to express myself and to share my hobby.

Voila, from today the new page of my life starts!
Welcome to my blog Moi Aussi!

I was searching the name for my label. Many of them were already used and I have told myself ''Allez! Be creative! You pretend to be a Designer!'' No ideas!
But one day we have received with my boys new kids magazine.
The funny song with the title Moi Aussi (''Me too'') was about one sister and one brother.
They always wanted to do the same things and plays and repeated ''moi-aussi, moi-aussi''
And it was the great moment for me! It is the fantastic name for my label!
I have checked immediately if  existed already.
It was free!
Me too, I would like to make my own design, create something new and individual.
C'est parti (let's go)

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