lundi 20 septembre 2010

Up-cycling ideas - Pulover Gaastra of DamDam

I am very proud to announce that the main idea of Moi Aussi is create something new from old things.
Actually the things are not always very old. In our society of consumption we all like to buy-buy-buy many things.
Sometimes we do not even need them, we wear clothes few times and buy again to be up-to-day or for any other reason.
I am a patriot of up-cycling and recycling.
I do not know in which country the idea of giving second chance to things was born.
Maybe in Russia? We always say with my russian friend that we have ''sovkoviy mentality''.
Mentality of pour people from Soviet who did not have access to all advantages of capitalism.
And we used to keep things at home, we did not through them away.
So my first sense of up-cycling is rooted in Russia where I was born.
And recently I have got the information about Cradle to Cradle Design (C2C)
In the Cradle to Cradle model, all materials used in industrial or commercial processes are seen to fall into one of two categories: ''technical'' or ''biological''. Using C2C model before producing something we are suppose to think - should it go further to the nature or it can be recycled, up-cycled. Very interesting story! Consume differently. 
For sure this is the global idea in the world is not so conscious to make the step to such structure.
Slowly it will come I believe.

I would like to show what we can do with old pullover (trendy by the way) of my husband DamDam.
This lovely Blue Gaastra pulover is being one of the first up-cycling experience of Moi Aussi
Here it is:

And look at these funny cushions:

Cushion ''Pinky Horse''

Cushion ''Pinocchio'':

I have already idea what I will do with sleeves, hold on! Next story is coming soon...

3 commentaires:

  1. Hi Svet!
    I like your idea to create this blog and I love your pillows, great job! Hope it's just the beginning and you'll share all the masterpieces with us.

  2. Très bonne idée le recyclage des pulls de DAMDAM .
    Heureusement que les pulls de damdam c'est du XXXLL , j'attends avec impatience la suite