mercredi 29 septembre 2010


Almost all week without any posts!
Busy, busy with Etsy...
Last week I have started the new design using sleeves from pullover of DamDam.
My sister in low was worried if her brother still have something to ware.
My scissors are sharp! Attention!
So these sleeves gave me headache - I am not satisfied with the pattern.
I have to adjust it
Just to change the subject in my head I have made new pillow.
Yes I know - it is not very difficult...
I called it Puzzle. You will understand why - see the pictures below
As my sons I was busy to assemble small cuts of fabric which I use in combination with blue sleeves...
Oh these famous sleeves!

Good news!
It will not go on Etsy and not in our salon
First person who wright me email with his address will receive it by post

''Puzzle'' is already send to the winner! Thank you!

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